#InkingReflections:The months that went by

Time flies they say. Life and time has done a great job of proving it. Six months is a long time but for me it went very fast and I am glad it did. If you are thinking it flew fast because it was blissful. My dear friends, you are wrong. It has been bitter sweet. Exactly like how life is. I open my heart to you like I always do and I ask you to tell me how was the year so far for you and what is it that you have learnt. Easy peasy. Isn't it ?

The following are the things I learnt:

  •  Blogging has never been more fun: I wrote for the joy of it and my humble abode would be deserted for long periods of time without a warning. Blogging challenges, marathons and my blogbuddies now never let me take that pleasure of deserting but instead always encourage to be regular and better. I was recognised as the blog star once and I am not ashamed to admit that I loved the stardom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  • My Desi Backpack: My new travel blog happened. Something that I am very proud of. New but I am determined to be better with every post. Presenting the brand new My Desi Backpack.
  • Quotes, TTT, Micro poetry and Accolades : Monday morning motivation posts,micro poetry, terribly tiny tales and haiku is what I am trying to master and I am happy I am doing well in that. Happiness is when your quotes are display pictures of your friends on social media. 

All in all I like the company I am in and want to improvise my blogs and writings. Health has taken a backseat lately, so that is the top priority for the upcoming months.                          

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