#A-ZChallenge: Lady and travelling alone?

Dear ladies, may I have your attention, please. This one is for you, my ladies, by a lady, so I hope you are all ears. 

Remember the movie Queen ? Kangana Ranaut goes alone to different countries. They did a pretty good job showing how your experience will be if you travel alone. But remember, she was going away from India, to countries which are known to be much safer, so I am sorry if I have shattered your dreams, your experiences will not be so adventurous and fun- filled unless you are extremely lucky.

Again in the form of  rules I tell you this:-

That would be it, I know you are intelligent and sensible, moreover I don't want you to put of your solo travelling plans. Just keep your eyes and ears open and stay safe all of ya.

Till the next time, gl├╝ckliche Reise!

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

Also linking it to day 14 of UBC

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