What you sow so shall you reap
The thought so deep.
Karma has its unique way,        So they say.                

It has proved it time and again.
Giving pain for pain.
Following tit for tat policy.
Making life sweet,salt and spicy.

People have given up in the name of Karma,
Few believe and are righteous in the name of Dharma.
I believe in hurting none.
Concept of karma I don't shun. 

I do what I feel is right,
There are some late insights.
I make a mistake and then learn.
Whether it's me or karma, 
I thank the greater power to let me see,
The sun shine in the morning,
And the sparkling stars at the night.

This post is written for Prompt nights- Nothing 
haunts quite like Karma

Also linking it to Day 23 of UBC

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