The baby steps to running,
Challenges that needed courage kept on coming!
Exams,relationships and more,
Courage to face the score!

Courage to do something new,
For the first time to sew.
To trust a person new,
No matter who.

It needs courage to give a prized possession to others,
Be it friends or family for starters.
The firsts and lasts,
Following different paths.
Audacity they need.

Years have gone by,
But we are still shy.
The grit to say no,
Very few have dared to show.
Difficult it is to refuse,
The thought of it gives us the blues.
Struggling I am,yet,
Soon I hope the courage to say no I get.

This post is written for Midweek Motif- Courage

Also linking it to Day 27 of UBC

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